Questions to Ask When Selecting the Right Antenna!

Posted by Ellie Sylvan on 8th Apr 2022

  • What Frequencies will you be using?
    • Is it only one frequency or multiple frequencies?
  • How wide a Frequency Band do you need to cover?
  • If multiband, do you need GPS or GNSS in the antenna?
  • Do you know which Modem it will be attached to?
  • If infrastructure, where will the wireless application be Located?
  • Will you need Omni-directional or Directional coverage?
  • Are there any restrictions? 
    • Size or Shape
    • Weather or Environmental
    • Mounting
  • Will you need a special mount?
  • Is the Project fully spec’d out? 
  • Do you know what Cable length you will need?
    • How about the Connectors?
  • Would you like Cable Protection Sleeving?
    • or Cable Assemblies?